Wednesday, January 28, 2009

She just "did it"

I don't know how. She's talented that way. She just got on the bike with no training wheels and off she went. She didn't fall down, she didn't falter, she just flew! Way to go Cami!


I LOVE orange season. I love that we have an orange tree in our very own back yard that we can go and pick and eat whenever we feel like it. I love fresh squeezed orange juice on the weekend.

Let the squeezing begin.

Fresh squeezed "Pom-Orange Juice" Yum.

Back to Normal

Hi there. It's good to be back to normal. By that I mean back to school and back to work. It is taking me longer and longer to adjust into my semester the older I get. I did have enough energy to make this delicious home made mac n cheese the other night. 

We did have a wonderful break. We went and saw the Garcia's in San Diego, then up to Disneyland for a Magical Christmas, then home for Christmas, then up to Showlow to play in the snow. It was a fun time. Below are the pics to prove it. :) 

Cassi and Starfish @ Seaworld

Up close and personal with a dolphin


The Castle


My standing crown rib roast for christmas dinner.