Tuesday, September 29, 2009


I love getting great service. Who doesn't? I also love shopping on-line which is why Etsy is so great! I usually try to shop from local people and then arrange for a "pick up". This allows me relative instant gratification and saves on shipping. My sister Angie is getting married soon and I wanted the girls to have a little cuteness for their hair. I looked around on Etsy and found these cute hair bands with attached flowers. The flowers are on clips so you can wear the flowers without the band. yay I found them yesterday and met Mia today, hence the instant gratification. You should check out what she has to offer. She has some CUTE stuff. Look at: http://www.etsy.com/shop.php?user_id=7112428 or go into etsy.com and look up Dolce Vita Mia.
My stuff arrived in a cute bag too.

I will post pics of the girls after the wedding to show you how they look.

Monday, September 7, 2009

The weather finally allowed us to go horse back riding. It was a beautiful morning. Perfect for a ride.

Cassi had Star. The beautiful mommy of the colt below.

Cami and Calvin rode Odie.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

The Great Mountain Lobster Boil

Some friends of ours were having a Lobster Bake party, but we already had plans to go up to Show Low for the long weekend. So, we decided to try one on our own. I researched on line and couldn't decide between steaming or boiling. We ordered all the seafood from the seafood restaurant on Baseline in Gilbert. The owner convinced me that boiling was tasty and easy, so a "Lobster Boil" it was.

Sara had everything ready for our picnic.

Sara the scallop chef

Brian and Brad in charge of the boiling pot. Here they are adding the potatoes.

Missy and one of the live lobsters. It needs a quick shower before it's final baptism.

The little 1 lb lobsters are called "chickens"

Going in the pot.

Coming out of the pot. mmmm


Wow!! Doesn't that look great? Our boiled lobsters, corn on the cob, red potatoes and shrimp.

I have to say it was pretty easy, delicious, and soooo much FUN!

What Happends in Vegas...

We were invited to go on a couples weekend to Las Vegas. There were about 14 couples that went. It was a really fun weekend.

Chris, Deb & Missy on the way to LV

The limo we didn't take. ha

The aquarium behind the check in desk.

Our Room

Beer, Deb, Missy and the Miami Vice (best drink ever!)

Tom, Lorenzo & Deb chill in the pool.

Karen and Lissette

Mike & Dani


Dinner at the Mesa Grill

and a show.

Camping on the Rim

We went camping with a huge group of people up at Canyon Point campground. It was so fun and the weather was great. We had first time campers as well as seasoned campers. I think everyone had fun. I know all the kids had a blast!!

Our Camper

Calvin watches the camp fire.

The McCord group cooks breakfast.
The happy Nipar's.
Lorenzo oversees their cooking session.
Marshmallows for breakfast.
Logan and Mocha.
The Kerney boys.

RID Philladelphia

This year the RID National Conference was held in Philly. I had never been there before. It was a pretty cool place. All the workshops were great too. It was fun to go and hang out with friends. To me going to National means going and seeing a new place and hanging with AZ friends that I never get to see.

Cassi & Missy on the double decker bus tour.

Naked Chocolate speaks for itself. Decadent. That is a chocolate covered chocolate cupcake and a cold hot chocolate. mmmmm

I fell in love with the Reading Railroad Terminal Market. In general I love all farmer's markets. I wish we had a decent one in AZ.

My daughter Cassi would have loved this selection of pickles.

Amish donuts. I brought some of these donuts and some Amish made butter home to Az.


Cassi, Michelle and I went to the Phillies game.

Elfreth's Alley. The longest continuously inhabited neighborhood in the US. Very European.

The gate to China Town.

The Liberty Bell

Betsy Ross's House.

Betsy Ross working on a flag. Mary told her she needed more practice. ha!