Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The Bangs are Back!! (praise the lord)

As you may or may not be aware, much to my chagrin, Cami was trying to grow out her bangs. She came to me this morning and said she couldn't stand it anymore and didn't like the hair in her eyes. (angels sing 'hallelujah'!) So I ran, yes RAN to get my scissors. Now we can see that cute little face again.

Question for the Tooth Fairy

"Dear Tooth Fairy,
I lost my tooth and think it is in my stomach. Will you still give me a dollar for my tooth?
Love, Calvin"

"Dear Calvin,
My tooth alarm went off in the middle of the night last night to let me know that you lost a tooth. I do believe that you swallowed it. Thank you for the note explaining what happened. I ham happy to pay you a dollar for your tooth. Don't feel bad. A lot of kids swallow their teeth.

Keep brushing your beautiful teeth.

Love, The Tooth Fairy"

That's what happens when you don't take up your mom's offer to remove (not pull) the very loose tooth from your mouth.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Keurig Coffee Heaven

A couple people I know have these awesome little coffee machines. We are pretty much weekend coffee warriors. We don't have the time to make the coffee during the week and when we do make coffee on the weekend, we don't even go through a whole pot. So I decided to get one of these single cup brewers which I think will be perfect for us.

The machine came with lots of different coffees, tea and hot chocolate to sample. It can also just brew hot water for soup or noodles. Yum

"Meat Pie"

No words needed.  A picture is worth it all.

Meaty, cheesy, goodness.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Queen for a day

The kids had a Mother's Day tea at school for all the Moms. It was fun. They made us crowns. Calvin said we could "command" them when we are wearing our crowns. Hmmm...I may not take mine off.


As all kids will do, Cami hurt her finger. This isn't a very good picture but her little ring finger was smashed while playing with pool table balls. At first it was flat as a pancake, then it swelled up like a grape. It sure did hurt. 

What would we do without Teachers?

Teacher appreciation. The kids are sooo happy and proud to bring gifts to their teachers for teacher appreciation week. Thanks to Deb for the inspiration.

Camping and more Camping!

For our first camping trip this year we went to Canyon Lake with the Nipar's. It was our first time there and the weather was great if you don't count the wind. We borrowed the Debruin's kayak and took turns giving the kids a ride in it. The kids had a great time hunting for "fire wood" aka sticks. They also enjoyed throwing rocks in the water for hours on end.

Logan enjoys his hotdog right off the stick.

Smile for the hotdog...I mean camera.

Beach combers and a dead body washed up on shore. Nope, it's Erica sunbathing. ha

The girls swim in from taking a ride with Deb.

Chris trying out the kayak.

Just a couple weekends later we were invited to join three other families to go camping in Oak Creek Canyon just north of Sedona. This was a beautiful spot to go camping. The kids loved the creek even if it was freezing. They also really enjoyed digging in the dirt. Can you imagine the dirtiness?

It was great to cook over the fire.

Penny LOVES to camp.

Checking out the creek.

Overlooking the canyon.

The beautiful view from our camper.

Brian chillin'

Our cute little camper.

Easter Fun

The Nipar's came over for our annual easter egg coloring. We made tons of eggs for them to color. It was a lot of fun.

The kids showing off their favorite eggs.

Bekki gave me the idea to make nests but I only had white bark to use. It worked out and actually it looks like they are sitting in their shells. I used peeps here but also used those cute little Bakerella cake chicks too but think I accidentally deleted the pics. (Note to anyone trying to make these at home...put parchment down under the balloons for the nests/eggs to harden on. They WILL NOT come off of a plate or baking sheet.)

Getting ready to munch on the chocolate duck and chocolate cow.

Painted Ladies

This spring we bought a butterfly habitat. We ordered our larvae and waited. We were pleasantly surprised when we checked the mail and there were 5 caterpillars waiting for us.

They were so tiny and cute.  The brown stuff in the bottom of the jar is all the food they will need until they are fully developed butterflies.

Our caterpillars ate and ate and grew and grew. It took about a week and a half for them to get this big. One cool thing that we learned is that caterpillars can make webs similar to spiders.

Just before they turn into chrysalises they attach themselves upsidedown and hang in a "j" shape.
Within 24 hours they shed their skin and underneath is the beautiful, shiny, chrysalis.

Then you take the paper that they are hanging on an put it into their habitat so that when they hatch they are already in their home. If you move them at all they shake around. They do this to protect themselves from prey.

After waiting another 4 to 5 days, the butterflies emerge. Their wings are crumpled at first but spread out within minutes. The butterfly comes out of its chrysalis in under one minute. They need sugar to survive and love oranges.

We decided that our butterflies should be free. So the kids got to hold them for a second before they flew away. This was an amazing thing to watch and we will definitely order more painted lady caterpillars next year!

In Bloom

After several years of thinking I was going to loose my hibiscus we are having a great year. The plant is so full of blooms and is just beautiful.