Sunday, October 19, 2008

Here I am with my reunion committee. Now that I am one week post reunion I am ready to comment on it. Right after the reunion I was exhausted and feeling defeated. Now that a week has passed and I am "recovered" I am feeling much better about the whole thing. It was a lot of work. A LOT of work. But. . .It really was worth it. So many people had fun. They have been posting messages and have been very appreciative. Many of them even want to meet on a regular basis. I need to remember that it is not all about me; it is their reunion too. They don't know what I had envisioned as the "perfect" event, and if the reunion was flawed or not. I am the only one that know what went as planned and what didn't. Friday night's happy hour at Depot Cantina was perfect! The atmosphere was happy and upbeat. Our fellow alumni, Mike Rasmussen played for us and he was GREAT! It really couldn't have gone any better. They had to kick us out!! Saturday, we were really hindered by the gale force winds that forced us from our beautiful outdoor venue to the indoor one that was nice, but not the same. I know that no one would have wanted to be outside eating in the dust and cold, but my visions of mingling during a beautiful sunset were dashed as Deb and I drove out into a wall of swirling dust. We didn't get the band that we were promised. We were promised a band that would play a variety of music. We got a band that played a variety of country music and one Billy Idol song. (It was scarry) Don't get me wrong, the were good, just not what we had expected. The food was great and watching my fellow Buffaloes on the mechanical bull was even better. Sunday couldn't have been more perfect. The weather, being there at the school, the caterer and bounce companies showed up on time, Wallace was there as our surprise guest, touring the school, the kids playing and the adults catching up. I don't have one complaint. So overall, the weekend was a success.

Deb "on" the mechanical bull. :)

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