Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Camping and more Camping!

For our first camping trip this year we went to Canyon Lake with the Nipar's. It was our first time there and the weather was great if you don't count the wind. We borrowed the Debruin's kayak and took turns giving the kids a ride in it. The kids had a great time hunting for "fire wood" aka sticks. They also enjoyed throwing rocks in the water for hours on end.

Logan enjoys his hotdog right off the stick.

Smile for the hotdog...I mean camera.

Beach combers and a dead body washed up on shore. Nope, it's Erica sunbathing. ha

The girls swim in from taking a ride with Deb.

Chris trying out the kayak.

Just a couple weekends later we were invited to join three other families to go camping in Oak Creek Canyon just north of Sedona. This was a beautiful spot to go camping. The kids loved the creek even if it was freezing. They also really enjoyed digging in the dirt. Can you imagine the dirtiness?

It was great to cook over the fire.

Penny LOVES to camp.

Checking out the creek.

Overlooking the canyon.

The beautiful view from our camper.

Brian chillin'

Our cute little camper.

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