Thursday, October 1, 2009

October 1st, We Walked to School

My husband always tells me that it cools off here in the Sonoran Desert on October 1st... Well, it has been cooling off a little more at night and last night was no exception. We woke up this morning and were able to have our doors open. The house "cooled down" to 74 degrees. It was nice out but I am still sticking to my philosophy that it doesn't really cool off in AZ until Halloween.

I had planned to walk the kids to school today since it is now pleasant to be outside in the mornings. They were soooo excited. We left with plenty of time not knowing how long it would actually take. As we got closer to the school we ran into other kids walking to school that the kids knew. They ran up ahead to chitty chat with their friends and left me in the dust. I felt a little sad that my babies are growing up, but I also felt proud of them for moving forward and not looking back. Our goal after all is to make our kids independent and self sufficient, right?

Walking my kids to school brought back memories of myself and my sister Beth walking to school as a child in MN. We really did actually walk in the rain and snow. I have great memories of walking to school and I hope that my kids will have fun memories of walking to school too.

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