Sunday, November 16, 2008

Cami's Birthday Weekend

To celebrate Cami's birthday, we decided to have a birthday extravaganza weekend! On Saturday we invited friends and family over for a BBQ. It was a little tense for a while as we couldn't get the smoker much over 200 degrees and optimal smoking is more like 240. We made a beef brisquet and two pork shoulders along with cheezy potatoes, my famous baked beans, a yummy asian slaw (yes, I said yummy) and the best rolls ever from Von Hansens. (I know, I know, too much food.  .  . What's new?) Everyone came over at around 4:30 and played outside until dinner was ready. 

Unfortunately we were a little behind schedule and had to finish the meat off in our gas grill, but I think it was definitely worth the wait. 

When I asked Cami what kind of cake she wanted, I thought she would have wanted a popcorn cake or a star wars cake. Cami surprised me with her vision. She simply wanted "a chocolate cake with chocolate frosting with strawberries on sticks." Ok.  .  .  Really?? So here is how it turned out. I got everything right except the strawberries were up side down. hmmm. Better luck next time.

The expression on Cami's face was priceless as we sang happy birthday to her.

On Sunday we are taking Cami and her friends to see Madagascar 2. 

Thank you everyone that came and made Cami's birthday special and thank you for all the gifts. We have great family and friends!

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