Monday, November 3, 2008

Mmmmmmmmmm. . . mmmm. . . Fleischkeuchle

I know that I have talked about these before and no one really knows what I am talking about. I thought I would post a picture. The actual fleischkeuchle are on the bottom and the thin strips of dough called the shoe strings are on the top. 
Perfectly golden fried pockets of love. That's how I describe them. Easy to make? No, not really. Especially without the help of my sister who normally rolls out the dough. The dough was a little wet last night, but that didn't stop us. This is my favorite food in the whole world. Probably also the most fattening food in the whole world too. But a couple times a year. . . very worth it. My husband does a wonderful job with the frying even though he does sneak a little taste of the shoe strings. I have it down to a science now and can whip them out pretty easily. It wasn't always that way. Mostly because my Grandma doesn't really measure anything or use a recipe. I had to do a lot of trial and error. But I have it down very close to hers now. hehe Making these brings back memories of being in my Grandma's kitchen and watching/helping her make them and my Grandpa fry them. If there was a big group of people they would even use two fryers. They would always make some with cheese (velveeta) and some without. We only make them "with". So yummy.

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kerry malsam said...

wow. i just got done eating mine. no one ive ever met knows what the heck im talking about. my great grandmother would make these when she came into town from halliday north dakota. her and my grandmother would take all day and the entire kitchen!! mmmmm so good. ive been trying for years to duplicate it and ive finely got it. so easy, i use my bread machine, loaf it out, freeze for about 20 min, cut into 1" pieces and put them thru my pasta roller. its so quick and easy, and not near as much space needed. happy cooking!!