Sunday, November 9, 2008

Garage Sales Rock

My neighbor, Dani, is a queen garage saler. I went out with her yesterday morning and can completely understand why people fall in love with this hobby. (or is it more of a sport?) There was a neighborhood nearby having a sale and there was TONS of participation. Which means that there was TONS of stuff for us to look at and buy. I got a cute smallish carved wood bear that will be perfect up at Brad & Sara's in Showlow for $10 bucks. I know that they sell for around $60 normally. I got two brand new kids sized camping chairs for $5 for two! I got some guess jeans for Calvin for a dollar. I got a big Williams Sonoma decorating kit for $5. I also got two brand new very darling purses for $5 a piece. It was a lot of fun. Next time I will try to bargain a little more. It is interesting the psychology behind a garage sale. Some people price their stuff as if we were shopping at Nordstrom and some people were literally giving their stuff away. Dani got a silk plant for .25 cents. I can't wait to shop again.

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