Friday, November 28, 2008

Let Us Give Thanks!

This year for Thanksgiving, we were invited over to Brent and Cheryl's. Kendra and Kara and Cheryl's brother Duane were there too. We had a wonderful time and it was really so nice to just get up and hang out until it was time to goto their house.
Even though we were going somewhere else for Thanksgiving, we couldn't resist making a deep fried turkey.
You must be very careful when lowering the turkey into the hot oil. It is a slow process to get it in there. It is also very important that the turkey is completely thawed and that there is no water going into the oil.
About 40 minutes later you get a golden brown, delicious, beautiful turkey. We did two turkeys. One for us and one for our neighbors. It helps to split the cost of the oil too.
Cassi and I made this chocolate chip pecan tart. It was a big hit and there wasn't any left over.

Calvin and I made the cherry pie. He was a really good helper and liked rolling and cutting the crust.
We also had a pumpkin roll which is pumpkin cake and cream cheese frosting. Brian thought that this was the best. 

It worked out great! Everyone got something that they liked and it gave me a chance to cook at a leisurely pace and involve the kids.
Cheryl tried a lot of new recipes this year. These cranberry fruit cups were great! We also had southwest corn, peas with bacon and almonds, mashed potatoes with gravy and of course Kendra's green bean casserole.
After we got home a storm rolled in. We got pea sized hail that all washed out the drain pipe and collected on the grass. 

Thanksgiving was really fun this year and we are very grateful for our family and friends.

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