Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Sisters in Seattle

Seattle, Here we come!
Angie, Missy & Beth at Chateau Ste Michelle

Beth, Angie and I decided to meet up in Seattle for a girls weekend. We had a wonderful time exploring Seattle. We stayed at the very trendy W Hotel and had a beautiful view from the 21st floor. Shopping was just a few minutes by foot away.

Of course my favorite part of the trip was Pikes Market.

Colorful, Fresh Fruits and Veggis

Beautiful pepper garlands.

What are these???

The colors of all the fruits and vegetables were amazing. I could have stood there for hours just looking at everything. There were things that I had never seen before and even rainbow carrots. They were even throwing fish just like you see on TV. Imagine living near a place where you can get fresh cheese, bread, fish, fruit and vegetables. That would be awesome.

We paid homage to the very first Starbucks. 

We ate terrific food like this clam chowder...

And this potato and rosemary pizza...

And this wonderful breakfast at Elli's.

We watched cheese being made at Beecher's. I love the big cheese shovels.

We also were lucky enough to be able to go with Angie to try on wedding dresses. Sorry no pictures of the bride to be in her dress here. You will have to wait for the big day to see her in it, but I must say she was stunning. 

After dress shopping we went out to the Chateau Ste Michelle vineyard. It was really neat to see how the wine is aged and bottled and even better to have a free wine tasting. I even managed to bring home three bottles in my suit case. ha

Of course the weekend went by too fast. We had a lot of fun connecting with each other and connecting with the city. I guess its a good thing that we left wanting more.

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