Monday, November 10, 2008

The kids are taking ice skating lessons and can go to open skating for free. So we decided to take them and let them practice what they learned on their first lesson. They had a lot of fun. Calvin met a little girl named Emma, that was making goo goo eyes at him and they held hands going around the ice for a while. WHAT!!!??? Yeah. He's a cutie. She was pretty cute too. They were excited that they were both 5.  He was holding my hand before he met this girl, we took a little break and when we went back on the ice he didn't "need" to hold my hand any more. I think he was showing off for his little friend. Brian said I better get used to it. He went all over the rink and didn't fall down too much. Unfortunately those hard plastic rental skates suck! They hurt so bad that I am going to look on craigs to see if I can find a pair for myself.

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